Indy Jump Around Party Rentals: A Comprehensive Guide

Indy Jump Around Party Rentals: A Comprehensive Guide 1

What is Indy Jump Around?

Indy Jump Around is a party rental company that specializes in providing entertainment equipment for events ranging from birthday parties to corporate events. Their inventory includes inflatables, carnival games, concessions, and interactive games.

Indy Jump Around Party Rentals: A Comprehensive Guide 2

The company prides itself on being affordable and reliable. They offer free delivery within 20 miles of their location and have a hassle-free reservation process.

Services Offered by Indy Jump Around

The rental company offers a wide range of services to ensure that their clients have access to the equipment they need for their events.

Their inventory of party rental equipment includes:

  • Inflatables, such as bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses
  • Carnival games, like ring toss and bean bag toss
  • Concessions, such as popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, and snow cone machines
  • Interactive games, like jousting and bungee run
  • Why Choose Indy Jump Around?

    There are many reasons why one would choose Indy Jump Around as their party rental provider.

    Firstly, the company is affordable and offers rentals that fit within a wide range of budgets.

    Secondly, the company is reliable and offers equipment that is in top working condition. They have a strict maintenance schedule that ensures everything is cleaned and inspected regularly.

    Lastly, Indy Jump Around offers a great selection of equipment to choose from. They have something for everyone and can accommodate parties ranging from small backyard events to large corporate gatherings.

    How to Rent from Indy Jump Around

    Renting from the party rental company is a hassle-free process. It is broken down into 3 simple steps:

  • Contact Indy Jump Around to check availability and pricing. This can be done online, over the phone, or in person.
  • Reserve the rental equipment with a deposit. The company requires a 20% deposit to secure the rental. The remaining balance is due upon delivery.
  • Enjoy your party! Indy Jump Around will deliver the equipment to the party location and set everything up. They will also provide instructions for safe use and proper care of the equipment.
  • Tips for a Successful Rental from Indy Jump Around

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  • Book early. The company’s inventory is limited, and rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Read the rental agreement carefully. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions.
  • Have a designated adult supervise the use of the equipment at all times.
  • Ensure the party location has adequate space and a nearby power source.
  • Follow all safety instructions and guidelines provided by the company.
  • The Bottom Line

    Indy Jump Around is a reliable and affordable party rental company that offers a wide range of equipment to choose from. Their hassle-free reservation process makes renting from them a breeze. Follow the tips provided for a successful rental experience that your guests are sure to enjoy!

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